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Research Article - Journal of Fisheries Research (2023) Volume 7, Issue 3

Identification Study of freshwater fish Clupisoma garua and Clupisoma montana

Clupisoma garua and Clupisoma montana are freshwater fish species belonging to the family Schilbeidae. These fish species have notable ecological and economic significance, but identification and distribution data remain insufficient. In this study, we aim to accurately identify and distinguish between two freshwater fish species - Clupisoma garua and Clupisoma montana, which are widely distributed in various rivers of Asia. A comprehensive investigation of their morphological, meristic, morphometric, descriptive characteristics was performed to establish distinguishable features for efficient identification and classification. Meticulous field sampling was conducted to collect specimens of both species from the Indrapuri dam. The morphological analyses focused on the external features of the specimens, including color patterns, body shape, and fins. With the application of meristic characterization, we examined the countable traits such as the number of fin rays, lateral line scales, and vertebrae. Morphometric examinations were employed to quantify the overall dimensions and proportions of the specimens, analyzing distances and ratios between various anatomical landmarks. Our findings revealed key differences in the morphology, meristic, and morphometric characteristics of Clupisoma garua and Clupisoma montana, allowing us to define diagnostic features for each species. The comprehensive identification framework developed in this study provides a valuable tool for the scientific community, fisheries management, and conservation organizations. By accurately identifying and classifying these species, we aim to enhance the understanding of their ecology and contribute to the sustainable management of freshwater fish biodiversity.

Author(s): Ambiya Khatoon, Kritika Pandey, Ayush Kumar, Bharat Bhushan, Puja Kumari, Manoj Kumar Jaiswal and Babita Sharma*

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