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Abstract - Journal of Clinical Respiratory Medicine (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Hypnotherapy for Acute Procedural Pain and State Anxiety in Children with Burns: A Feasibility Study Protocol

Burns and related procedures are painful and distressing for children, exposing them to acute and chronic biopsychosocial sequelae. Despite their popularity, medications used for itch and distress in children with burns are limited by potential inadequacy, high costs, side effects, and lack of consensus on the optimal doses and regimens. These children can benefit from non-pharmacological interventions such as hypnotherapy in combination with their medications for the treatment of their acute pain, itch and anxiety. Although hypnotherapy has been shown to be beneficial and superior to other non-pharmacological interventions for acute pain and state anxiety in children, research about its use for pain, itch and anxiety is limited in paediatric burns. Despite its essential role in hypnotherapy, no study has investigated hypnotic suggestibility (i.e., the degree of responding to hypnotic suggestions) in paediatric burns.


Author(s): Daly Geagea

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