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Short Communication - Anesthesiology and Clinical Science Research (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Hypnosis as a way of spending of general anesthesia

This article contains a surveillance operation on the foot bone-plastic holding a child 5 years under hypnosis. By the nature of the selected general anesthesia work should be attributed to the category of fantasy, but the author Dick MOAN, academician of RAE, a member of the EA, Professor and doctor of medical sciences, i.e. deserves due attention to himself and to his work. Article is very kazuisticheskih, but real events and described, so lets take a look at the human mental activities from a new perspective. When accumulating clinical experience, and performing operations under hypnosis, without a doubt, conducted and other surgeons will make on this issue, certain theoretical and practical conclusions.

Author(s): Shaposhnikov Veniamin Ivanovich

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