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Short Article - The Cognitive Neuroscience Journal (2021) Volume 4, Issue 2

Human biology, personalized medicine, and individualized healthcare: Assessing, quantifying, understanding and addressing sleep, performance and health status in the information era

 We are currently living in a world where 5 major epidemics are being viewed as ???Mainstream culture??? as opposed to a ???Serious issue needing to be properly addressed.??? these epidemics are: (1) The Sleep Deprivation Epidemic (2) The Pharmaceutical Epidemic (3) The Opioid Epidemic (4) The Obesity Epidemic and (5) The Neuro-stimulant Epidemic. When troubleshooting an issue, the first goal is to establish an effective and efficient relay of complete & accurate information. Once adequate communication is established, the second goal at hand is properly identifying the problem and the optimal course of action to correct the problem while considering all variables and available resources. When looking at the ???Top 10 Killers?? ? in the United States and abroad there is a common theme associated with all of them- Sleep deprivation! Everybody is sleep deprived; the difference among individuals is the severity of sleep deprivation relative to the stressors that exist in one??? Lifestyle. To this measure, the CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System has stated the prevalence of US citizens under 18 years of age, getting less than 7 hours of sleep ranges between 28%-44% and that US citizens over 18 years old, getting less than 7 hours of sleep ranges from 25%-49% based on regional location. With advances in non-invasive technologies like quantified Electroencephalogram Brain-Mapping (qEEG), the Assessment of Sleep Performance (ASP), Physiology Metabolism Make- Up (PMMU), Interactive Self Inventory (ISI), Cognitive Emotional Checklist (CEC), and Pharmacogenomics Testing (PGx) coupled to a complete understanding of the human organism; we are placed at a point in time where our understanding of ???Healthcare???, ???Medical care??? and ???Human Behavior??? can be enhanced, revolutionized and clearly defined. Throughout the process, the quote ???Primmum non-nocere??? which can be translated as ???First do no harm??? is a bioethics precept originally made by Hippocrates that is currently being highlighted and re-introduced to the Science, Medical and Health fields, on an International basis. This precept should also be applied at the individual level for every person going to a healthcare or medical care professional; particularly those focused on peak performance, accident prevention and enhanced health regardless of profession. This paper and speech clearly define terminology associated with the new, logic-based, natural science of ???Human Biology?? ? while proposing the new gold-standard and backbone for optimal approaches to ???Individualized Healthcare??? and ???Personalized Medicine.?? ?

Author(s): Ryan Stoffko

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