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Research Article - Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning (2020) Volume 4, Issue 6

Governance of covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh: crisis and challenges.

The paper aims to highlight the state of governance in managing the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the first COVID positive case was detected in Mach 2020. Though 8 months have been passed there is no strategic action plan to mitigate COVID-19 effectively, as a result, it is still severe in Bangladesh. Primarily, the government was less concentrated on this pandemic and preparation was very poor and insufficient. Most of the selected patients of COVID-19 positive recovered by taking medicine- Ivermectin (6mg, 2 tablets a single dose at a time for a weak) with Doxycycline (100mg 12hrly for 5 days) and got the result within 4 days treatment staying at home. Corruption, inefficiency, mismanagement, and some crisis have been found in managing COVID-19 in Bangladesh. This is an empirical study based on both primary and secondary sources of data and information.

Author(s): Md. Awal Hossain, Shakila M, Parvin M

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