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Special Issue Article - Journal of Diabetology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

Gestational diabetes: Should getting regular dose of sunshine from 1st trimester be part of antenatal package?

 Adose of sunshine a day keeps gestational diabetes away? It is established that vitamin D the sunshine vitamin, specifically the active metabolite 1,25(oH)(2)D is involved in homeostasis of bone structure-its mineralization and formation and also the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. However it is emerging that this metabolite also has effect on other important physiological processes in the body at a cellular level including autoimmune, and also, appear to play a role on the sensitivity of insulin. This report will attempt to evaluate this assumption as well as the notion or possibility of incorporating as part of routine antenatal care in pregnant women in particular those at risk of gestational diabetes. The report will discuss current practices research not only discuss current practices , relevant research as well as metabolic, physiological, biochemical basis

Author(s): Susan Okafor

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