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Perspective - Allied Journal of Medical Research (2022) Volume 6, Issue 12

Gender disparities and organ transplantation are a prime illustration of how biological and social factors interact.

Organ transplantation, such as that of the heart, liver, or kidney, is now a common method of treating many fatal human illnesses. Women are more frequently contributors than recipients, according to research from the literature and data collected in Italy. However, the majority of organ recipients are men, likely due to a bias in the prevalence of illnesses associated with transplants. Even though donor-recipient sex mismatch, according to biological considerations, appears undesirable in female recipients, the effect of sex mismatch on transplant outcome is still up for debate. In our view, it may be essential for the treatment of organ transplantation to analyses how sex and gender may interact and impact grafting success.

Author(s): Andrea Ortona*

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