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Short Communication - Journal of Advanced Surgical Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 6

Ganglion cysts of the wrist

This article summarises what is known about ganglion cyst development, natural history (50% of cysts dissolve on their own), diagnosis, and treatment. Although the specific process of cyst development is uncertain, the majority of current hypotheses suggest that extra-articular mucin "droplets" combine to create the tumor's main body. The “cyst wall” and pedicle (which connects the cyst to a neighbouring synovial joint) are created until later. Watchful waiting, non-operative aspiration/ injection, and surgical removal are all possibilities. Despite the fact that therapy is often unneeded, many individuals seeking consultation are looking for a long-term solution. The procedure of cyst aspiration/injection is associated with a significant rate of recurrence. Surgery has a reduced likelihood of recurrence, but it also has a greater rate of complications. All of the existing therapeutic choices are ineffective.

Author(s): Oliver Evans

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