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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 7

Features of the course of pregnancy and the outcomes of childbirth in women of different ages.

This article presents the features of pregnancy in adolescence and old age associated with a high risk of adverse outcomes both during pregnancy and childbirth, and in the later period. The purpose of our study was to identify the features of pregnancy and childbirth, the postpartum period in young and elderly mothers. Materials and Methods: The history of pregnancy, childbirth and individual charts of newborns (n=330) were retrospectively analyzed, of which group I (n=150) young pregnant women aged 13-18 years, group II (n=80) pregnant women of favorable reproductive age (20-25 years) and group III (n=100) women of late reproductive period (40 years and older). Results: It was found that young primiparous women are somatically healthier, but sexually transmitted infections are significantly more common in the group of underage pregnant women (pIIII= 0.043) than in the group of late reproductive period. Pregnancy in adolescents often occurs against the background of anemia, placental insufficiency, moderate preeclampsia; childbirth is complicated by a large percentage of injuries. In the group of women of late reproductive age, diseases of the cardiovascular system, mainly arterial hypertension, obesity, and liver diseases predominate. Conclusion: Pregnancy in adolescent girls, as well as in age-related primiparous women, is a serious medical and social problem. Pregnant women in these groups are at high risk for miscarriage and require an individual approach to the management of pregnancy and childbirth.

Author(s): Begimbekova Lazzat*, Aliyeva Elnara, Zhapar Maira, Demeuov Alibek, Kulzhabayeva Zhazira, Zholymbekova Lyailya

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