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Research Article - Journal of Brain and Neurology (2021) Volume 4, Issue 1

Features of the clinical course of migraine strokes

Migraine often causes strokes among patients under 50 years of age in 1 to 17% of cases, and repetitive migraine paroxysms lead not only to chronic migraine but also to vascular complications of the brain. The aim of the study was to study the clinical and hemodynamic features of migraine strokes. The study examined 52 (61.9%) with migraine strokes. Clinical-neurological studies, EEG and T?DSs of brain vessels were carried out, the coma scales of Glazko, Scandinavian and American (NIHSS) were used. Patients with migraine stroke were observed to have a severe condition with a sudden and rapid clinical course, acute onset against the background of regular migraine attacks, due to the typical vascular type, caused by dystonia of the brain vessels. According to the results of the survey, despite the fact that migraine strokes have different etiopathogenetic factors with non-migraine strokes, they lead to the formation of a similar pathological ischemic focus in the brain with all its neurological manifestations and complications, which ultimately require close attention, differentiated approach and timely correction.

Author(s): Matlyuba Sanoeva*, Saidvaliyev Farukh, Munisakhon Gulova, Mekhriniso Avezova

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