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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 16

Factors associated with neck/shoulder pain in young adults

This study was conducted to identify the factors associated with Neck/Shoulder Pain (NSP) in Korean young adults. A self-administered questionnaire including the presence of NSP and demographic, behavioral, and psychological factors was given to 212 young adults. The data were analysed by mean, standard deviation, chi-squared test, and logistic regression. The prevalence of NSP was 81.6%. The factors associated with NSP were gender (p=0.031), self-assessed physical condition (p=0.011), cell phone use (p=0.003), stress (p=0.00), and depression (p=0.00). The logistic regression analysis revealed that the predictor of NSP was psychological stress (B=-0.187, p=0.038). These findings suggest that active efforts to prevent or treat NSP are needed, with a consideration of the risk factors.

Author(s): Young Ran Yeun, Suk-Jung Han

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