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Short Communication - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2019) Volume 2, Issue 2

Facial Analysis: Correlation of the Interlabial Angle with Malocclusions

The reasons that lead people to seek orthodontic treatment are not necessarily related to functional needs, such as correction of problems with chewing, phonation and breathing. Generally, the search is made with the objective of improving the aesthetic aspect, since the opinions of others have a direct or indirect influence on the individual's self-esteem and on his opinion regarding his own appearance1,2.

Morphological analysis of the face is a diagnostic resource for determining treatment protocols. It is performed through clinical examination, cephalometry and intra and extra oral photographs. Through cephalometry, data related to craniofacial development, type of occlusion and type of profile are collected. The clinical examination and photographs give an overview of facial harmony in relation to bone bases, teeth and soft tissues3,4.

The interlabial angle is one of the parameters studied in the facial analysis of soft tissues. It is formed between the upper and lower lips and determines the degree of lip protrusion. This projection directly interferes with facial harmony, being linked to the volume of soft tissue, as well as to the projections of bones and teeth. Lips are currently one of the most striking structures for consolidating people's beauty and self-esteem1,5. Considering that the lips are one of the preferred targets of current beauty standards, the objective of this research is to study the relationship between the interlabial angle and malocclusions.

Author(s): Tessia Richelly Nobrega Borja de Melo, Keylla Bianca Leite Costa, Mayara Santana Batista de Araujo

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