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Case Blog - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2014) Volume 4, Issue 2

Extra cranial Schwannomas of Head and Neck

Schwannomas are benign slow growing tumors that arise from the Schwann cells of any nerve (peripheral, cranial or autonomic). It also called nerilemmona,neurinoma spindle cell tumor etc. Extra cranial Head and Neck schwannomas usually present as solitary and well demarcated lesions. The lesion can cause secondary symptoms such as nasal obstruction,dysphagia and hoarseness, depending upon the location of the lesion. All patients with head and neck schwannomas treated in our department from April 2008 to dec.2010 were reviewed. Most of cases (3 cases) presented with neck swelling. Pre-operative diagnosis may be aided by FNA,computed tomography and MRI. The main stay of treatment is complete intracapsulor excision with preserving the nerve of origin.

Author(s): Raghavendra Prasad ,Vinay Kumar *Manohar SR

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