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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2023) Volume 27, Issue 12

Experience of management of germ cell tumors in paediatric population at a tertiary care institute.

Background: Germ Cell Tumor (GCT) is a rare malignancy in paediatric age group. It accounts for 2%-3% of all pediatric tumors. It can be found both gonads and extra gonadal sites such as sacrococcygeal region, mediastinum, and retro-peritoneum.

Method: The clinical presentation and management of all cases of GCT admitted in the department of pediatrics and pediatric oncology were analysed. The post-operative treatment, pathological features, relapses and survival outcome were evaluated retrospectively and results were drawn.

Results: The study period was between 2015 and 2021. A total of 72 patients (39 male and 33 female) were included in this study. The vast majority 42% of patients presented with a combination of symptoms and signs including abdominal pain/distention, pelvic mass, sacrococcygeal mass and precocious puberty. The most common age group was between 11-16 months/years. Thirty seven percent had gonadal tumors, 15% ovarian testicular, 22% had ovarian tumors. Histologically teratoma was the most common type (27.77% mature, 13.88% immature). Yolk sac tumors, embroyonal cell, dysgerminoma and seminoma constituted about 22.22%, 8.33%, 11.11%, 55% respectively. The overall five years survival was 86.9%. The relapse free survival rate was 83.6%. The mean follow-up was 56 months.

Conclusion: Sacrococcygeal Teratoma (SCT) constituted the most common extragonadal site of the GCT in children. A peculiar feature of our findings was the late presentation of both benign and malignant GCT. The overall survival rate found in benign GCT in our study was almost similar to that reported by other authors. Early diagnosis and management (surgical and medical) are of paramount importance in the management of this disease.

Author(s): Raashid Hamid*, Faisal R Guru, Mohmad Hussain Mir, Mohd Riyaz Latto, Syed Nisar, Ulfat Ara Mir, Shumail Bashir, Tazeen Jeelani, Zafirah Zahir, Akshit Sudanshu, Shoib Ahmad, Nisar A Bhat, Ajaz A Baba, Gowhar N Mufti, Waseem Jan Shah, Idrees Bashir, Tariq A Mir, Fayaz Ahmad, Ubayer Ahmad

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