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Short Communication - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2018) Volume 1, Issue 2

Evaluation of Sealing Ability and Adaptation of Resin and Bioceramic Sealers in Curved Rootsv (An in-Vitro Study)

The main objective of root canal therapy is the elimination of microorganisms from the root canal system and the prevention of recontamination after treatment by complete obturation of root canal. (1) Early sealers were modified zinc oxide-eugenol cements based on Grossman and Rickert’s formulas. New sealers have been placed on the market to improve the property of this hermetic seal and decrease the gap between the gutta-percha and dentin wall. AH plus root canal sealers are epoxy resin based sealers used with gutta-percha which are popular root canal sealer introduced as an alternative to traditional root canal sealers. (2) While recently a new root canal sealer bioceramic sealer has been introduced to the market they are calcium silicate based material. This bioceramic sealer claims to form hydroxyapatite during the setting process and ultimately create a chemical bond between dentinal wall and the sealer. (3)

Author(s): Ahmed M Abdelaal, Dalia A Moukarab and Magdy M Ali

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