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- Biomedical Research (2016) Volume 27, Issue 3

Evaluating the thermal imaging system in detecting certain types of breast tissue masses.

The temperature of human body is indicative of critical medical information concerning the whole body. Abnormal rise in total and regional body temperature is a natural symptom in diagnosing many types of diseases. Thermal imaging (Thermography) utilizes infrared beams, which are fast, non-invasive, and non-contact. Generally, the output images by this technique are flexible and useful to monitor the temperature of the human body. The purpose of this study is to determine the diagnostic value of the breast tissue diseases by the help of thermography. In this paper, we used the non-contact infrared camera INFREC R500 for evaluating the capabilities of thermography. This study was conducted on 60 patients suspected of breast tissue disease, which were referred to Imam Khomeini Imaging Center. The overall information was obtained from multiple sources including a predefined medical questionnaire, the performed clinical examinations, diagnostic results obtained from ultrasound images, clinical biopsies and thermography. All of these inputs were analyzed by the respective experts of breast cancer. Medical analysis indicated that the use of Thermography as well as the asymmetry technique is useful in identifying hypo echoic and cystic masses. It should be noted that the patient should not suffer from breast discharge. The Accuracy of the asymmetry identification technique for identifying hypo echoic and cystic masses is 91/89% and 92/30%.In the same manner, the accuracy of identifying the exact location is 61/53% and 75%. This method is also effective in identifying heterogeneous, fibro-adenoma, and Intra-ductal masses. But it is unable to identify Iso-echo and calcified mass. According to the results of the investigation, Thermography is useful in the initial screening and supplementation of diagnostic procedures due to its safety (its non-ionizing radiation property which acts as everyday immersed heat), low cost and the exact recognition of diseases of the breast tissue.

Author(s): Iman Zare, Ahmad Ghafarpour, Hossein Ghayoumi Zadeh, Javad Haddadnia, Sayed Mohammad Mostafavi Isfahani

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