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Perspective - Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Science (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Evaluating nucleic acid as a potential factor in the treatment of cerebral cancer.

The direct, efficient, and long-lasting therapeutic effect of nucleic acid-based therapy makes it a potent tool for the treatment of malignancies. Chemo resistance and the ensuing failure of the treatment strategy are very difficult in clinical cancer therapy. The adoption of gene modulatory strategies to restore anti-cancer treatment efficacy was encouraged by the understanding of the genetic variances in chemoresistance acquisition. To mediate combination therapy between nucleic acids and anti-cancer medications, numerous intelligent nanoparticles are created and refined. Despite the fact that paediatric cancers are often less hazardous than adult malignancies, paediatric cancers nonetheless account for a sizable fraction of child fatalities, which is extremely painful for those families. Therefore, it is essential to focus more on enhancing the treatment of paediatric cancer and finding an alternative

Author(s): Matthew lie

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