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Short Communication - Journal of Fisheries Research (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

Evaluate the fisheries in the sea based on survey at fishing port.

Fisheries play a urgent part within the financial advancement of all oceanic countries. The fisheries division contributes as remote trade worker, guarantees wholesome security and produces business openings. The current exploitation from the marine capture segment is 3.44 million tons in 2013-14 as against the potential of 4.41 million tons. Indian marine angle gather for the most part centers around coastal waters up to 100 meters profundity and almost 90 per cent of the capture comes from up to 50 m. A later revalidation of marine fisheries potential has appeared that the angling weight on the stock in close shore waters has gone up significantly and signs of over abuse of species is getting to be progressively apparent and encourage increment in exertion within the coastal segment would be negative to economical abdicate.

Author(s): John Bravener

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