Journal of Parasitic Diseases: Diagnosis and Therapy

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Rapid Communication - Journal of Parasitic Diseases: Diagnosis and Therapy (2022) Volume 7, Issue 6

Epidemiology of toxoplasmosis diagnosis

 Toxoplasma gondii is an apicomplexan parasite that was only recently identified, but in the past 40 years, we have learned more about its biological life cycle and the significance of this parasite in terms of medicine. This obligate intracellular parasite was first discovered as a pathogen causing congenital infection, but it wasn't until later, in the era of organ transplantation and HIV infection, that it’s clinical manifestation and the significance of infections reactivating in immunocompromised patients were understood. Recent advances in our understanding of host cell-parasite interactions and parasite virulence have opened up new perspectives on the pathophysiology of infection. We concentrate on epidemiological and diagnostic issues in this review, putting them in context with our current understanding of parasite genotypes

Author(s): Robert Dared*

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