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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 2

Endostr combined with chemotherapy on the advanced digestive tract tumour

Objective: To study the efficacy and side-effect of rh-endostatin injection (YH-16, Endostar), combined with the chemotherapy on the advanced digestive tract tumour.

Methods: 56 patients were divided into two groups, Endostar combined with chemotherapy was administrated to the treatment group (28 cases), and the control group (28 cases) only received chemotherapy.

Results: 56 patients completed two or six cycles. In the treatment group, there were 9 cases achieved PR, 15 cases SD, and 4 case PD; and in the control group, there were 7 cases achieved PR, 14 cases SD, and 7 cases PD. Between the two groups, the Objective Response Rate (PR) were 32.1% (9/28) and 25.0% (7/28), and Disease Control Rate (DCR) were 85.7% (24/28) and 75.0% (21/28) respectively. The Quality Of Life (QOL) between two groups improved on 23 cases (82.1%) and 14 cases (50.0%). The toxicities between two groups showed no significant difference.

Conclusion: The QOL of patients may be improved significantly by endostar combined with chemotherapy and the efficacy was increased, but side effects were not improved.

Author(s): Na Wang, Chao Liu, Xiaojing Hu, Shuting Zheng, Lijun Yang

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