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Mini Review - Journal of Translational Research (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

Eliminating general anaesthesia long-term effects on the growing brain.

In major surgery, general anaesthetics are frequently utilised. Patients are given a range of general anaesthetics, either alone or in combination, to obtain the desired level of anaesthetic for surgery. General anaesthesia has long been thought to be completely reversible, with the central nervous system returning to its original state once the anaesthetic drug is removed from the active site. However, studies show that disrupting the regular functioning of these targets might have long-term beneficial or negative consequences. This review focuses on the effects of general anaesthetics on the brain, and it outlines the molecular and cellular mechanisms through which general anaesthetics can cause long-term negative effects in the developing brain. Preclinical researchers have a greater role than ever before in translational research to better understand and identify the long-term consequences of general anaesthesia for paediatric surgery on brain development in order to reduce them.

Author(s): Mac Farlane

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