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Rapid Communication - Journal of Cell Science and Mutations (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Egfr in the hct-116 line of human colorectal cancer cells.

Aquaporins, which are channel proteins that create pores in the membrane of biological cells to aid in the movement of water across epithelial and transcellular barriers, The function of aquaporins in the development of cancer has attracted attention. In this study, we sought to determine how the expression of the aquaporin 5 and EGFR genes in the HCT-116 tumour cell line was impacted by exosomes secreted by adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Utilizing particular markers, the surface antigenic profile of Ad-MSCs was assessed. Exosomes were isolated from the Ad-MSc supernatant and then purified. Western blot and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were used to evaluate the exosomes' quality and shape.For 48 hours, MSCconditioned medium (MSC-CM) and/or 100 g/ml of MSC-derived exosomes were co-cultured with HCT-116 cells. To ascertain the expression of aquaporin5 and EGFR in HCT-116, real-time PCR was used. Utilizing, relative expression levels were computed. Our findings demonstrated that CM and/or exosome-treated HCT116 had significantly lower levels of AQP5 and EGFR mRNA than the control group. The current study demonstrated that two crucial molecules involved in the development of tumours could be inhibited by exosomes produced by MSCs. Therefore, it would seem that exosomes made from MSCs have a promising future as drug delivery systems and require more research.

Author(s): Lianju Mac

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