Journal of Hypertension and Heart Care

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Rapid Communication - Journal of Hypertension and Heart Care (2022) Volume 5, Issue 4

Effects of hypertension and secondary hypertension in cardiovascular health.

High blood pressure may be a common condition that influences the body's arteries. It's too called hypertension. In the event that you have got high blood pressure, the drive of the blood pushing against the supply route dividers is reliably as well high. The heart should work harder to pump blood. Secondary high blood pressure (secondary hypertension) is high blood pressure that's caused by another therapeutic condition. It can be caused by conditions that influence the kidneys, arteries, heart or endocrine framework. Secondary hypertension can moreover occur amid pregnancy. Secondary hypertension contrasts from the regular sort of high blood pressure (essential hypertension or fundamental hypertension), which is regularly called essentially high blood pressure.

Author(s): Edward Jose*

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