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- Biomedical Research (2005) Volume 16, Issue 3

Effects of cow urine concoction and nicotine on the nerve-muscle preparation in common African toad Bufo regularis

Cow urine concoction (CUC) is a local herbal preparation administered to children having convulsion in southern part of Nigeria. We investigated the effect of full preparation (FP) and modified preparation (MP) [without tobacco] of CUC and nicotine on the nerve-muscle preparation in common African toad, Bufo regularis. The result showed that nicotine significantly potentiated the contraction of skeletal muscle at lower doses, and at a higher dose the sensitivity of neuro-muscular junction was significantly reduced (desensitization). At lower doses of FP of CUC, the contraction of skeletal muscle was slightly increased than the nicotine but was not significant but the response was very similar to that obtained at higher doses. The finding indicates that nicotine and FP of CUC have something in common in stimulating muscle contraction. MP of CUC did not show any significant response at graded doses. It was concluded from the results that the therapeutic effect of this concoction might be due in part to the presence of tobacco or similar constituent in the cow urine concoction. The effect of „FP” of CUC in this study can be employed clinically in some disorders of the nerve-skeletal muscle system, like muscular weakness and hyper-excitability of the nerve-skeletal system, seen in children convulsion.

Author(s): Salahdeen H.M, Fagbohun T.R.

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