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Short Article - Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (2019) Volume 3, Issue 3

Effect of Concentrate Feeding Levels and Frequency on Performance of Crossbred Dairy Cows

 Forty-eight crossbred Holstein cows were grouped into three treatments in 3x2 factorial experiments to determine the effect of concentrate feeding levels and frequency on feed intake and efficiency, body weight change, milk yield and quality. Cows in each treatment were randomly assigned to mixed concentrate at 2%, 2.5% and 3% of their initial average body weights. Moreover; cows in each treatment were randomly subdivided into two groups (n=8); and one group fed mixed concentrate two times while the other group fed three times in daily in two and three equal portions. All data were analyzed with SAS and a difference was detected by Duncan’s multiple range test. All treatment groups showed an increased trend in weight gain even though cows in T1 gained more weight. Cows fed concentrate three times per day gained 21.75 kg more weight in comparison to that of two times feeding. Animals provided with different levels of concentrate at the same frequency had less significant effect on average daily body weight gain (p<0.05), concentrate intake and production cost (p<0.05). Animals provided with the same level of concentrate at different feeding frequency had significant effect on average daily body weight gain, milk protein and total solid. Response in milk output to the level of concentrate input is slightly significant whereas there was no significant difference in milk response to concentrate feeding frequency. The economic analysis rate on concentrate return indicated that each additional unit of 1 Ethiopian Birr per cow cost increment resulted in 1.6 and 1.5 ETB benefit for two and three times feeding frequency whereas 0.98, 1.96 and 1.86 ETB benefit for cows fed at 3%, 2.5% and 2% of their body weight, respectively.

Author(s): Ewonetu Kebede Senbeta and Gemechu Taffa

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