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Mini Review - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 11

Early Childhood Development (ECD) in context of COVID-19.

The early years of child are very important for future of adult development. The brain development depends on early childhood experiences which results in learning, health, behavior, employability and ultimately income. Yet today, millions of young children are not reaching their full potential because inadequate nutrition, lack of early stimulation, learning nurturing care and exposure to stress adversely affect their development. It is therefore of paramount importance that everyone knows about Early Childhood Development (ECD) and parents, communities, Government, non-Government organizations and academia invest in it. ECD includes development of a child from conception to 3-6 years which is extended up to 8 years. Early target should be caregivers with focus on fetus and children up to 2 years i.e. first 1000 days. COVID-19 related awareness can accompany ECD awareness and supports for parental well-being and responsive caregiving. The coordinated actions and shared responsibility is the need of hour to fight against the negative impact of COVID-19 on young children. To conclude, the strategy should include multi-sectoral approaches and coordinated efforts in health, nutrition, security, protection, participation and early education.

Author(s): Phadke Mrudula*, Menon Pramila, Nair Rajlakshmi, Deshpande Aparna

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