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- Biomedical Research (2015) Volume 26, Issue 3

Dyslipidaemia and impaired glucose levels in apparently healthy semi urban population in Pondicherry.

Prevalence of non communicable diseases like type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Artery Diseases have surpassed that of communicable diseases in India. The general population is unaware of the risk factors associated with these diseases and of ways to prevent them. The present study was undertaken to observe the pattern and prevalence of dyslipidemia and impaired glucose tolerance, as per the revised National Cholesterol Education Plan (NCEP) – Adult Treatment Panel (ATP) III guidelines and American Diabetes Association ADA respectively in people who are apparently healthy and had attended the tertiary care hospital for the purpose of a routine health checkup. Material and Methods: 1621 people were included in the study and were divided into five groups based on their age. The lipid profile and blood glucose was estimated. Result: 21.4% of the population had Diabetes Mellitus, 39.72% had high cholesterol, 36.72% had high triglycerides, 71.68% had high LDL-c and 78.65% had low HDL-c. The mean values of blood glucose (FBG = 113±49.8 mg/dl and PPBG = 159±76.82mg/, total cholesterol (193±50 mg/dl), triglycerides (146±80 mg/dl) and LDL-c (128±47/mg/dl) were high while that of HDL-c (36±6mg/dl) was low in the population .These are known risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and Metabolic syndrome was found in 22.4%. Prevalence of abnormal lipid and glucose level was high in the semi urban population which was apparently healthy. People are unaware of the status of their ill health and the risk of developing metabolic diseases .Hence it is essential to create awareness about healthy lifestyle options to reduce morbidity and mortality.

Author(s): Sharbari Basu and P. Uma Rani

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