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Short Article - Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

Dynamics of clinical symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease in the course of the transdermal gel of micronized progesterone monotherapy: results of the Russian multicenter observational study BREAST

Timely detection and treatment of mastopathy is the way to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. The purpose of this study is to
assess the dynamics of fibrocystic mastopathy symptoms regression when applying monotherapy with transdermal gel of micronized
progesterone continuously for 3 and 6 months under conditions of routine clinical practice. 1044 female patients of 34.8±0.2 years
of age with a diagnosed diffuse mastopathy. Results. In 3 months a significant reduction in the amount of the earlier revealed
thickened tissue areas was observed during ultrasound exam, including the areas of 1-2 cm and those exceeding 2 cm. In 6 months
of the therapy further reduction of the total amount of local structural changes of the lacteal glands of 1-2 cm and those exceeding
2 cm was observed. According to the analysis of the mammographic conclusions, in the course of the therapy the signs of the fat
involution build-up were observed as reducing from 9.1% to 1.3%, of the focal fibrosis - reduced from 12.9% to 5.3%. Significant
improvement of the disease course is as well demonstrated by the dynamics of the changes as per the assessment according to Bi-
RADS categories. The intensity of the pain in the mammary glands assessed per VAS significantly reduced in the therapy dynamics;
before treatment: 62.22±0.84 scores – in 3 months: 27.33±0.70 scores, in 6 months 9.33±0.46 scores. Conclusion. Efficacy of the
therapy with Progestogel product was demonstrated and proved with the basic mammary gland examination methods (ultrasound
and mammography). The data obtained shows the improvement of the life quality and reduction in the pain syndrome intensity in
patients with mastalgia/mastodynia. The general therapy evaluation by physicians and patients revealed a good match of positive
evaluations of the therapy provided. The overall efficacy (defined as a target reduction of the clinical signs severity) of therapy with

Progestogel gel in the routine clinical practice setting was newly observed. 

Author(s): Protasova Anna

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