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Review Paper - Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

Diseases in the course of which is a symptom of itching

Itching is one of the main clinical symptoms of allergy. This leads to a sudden need to scratch an itch. Which in turn favors the formation of the severity of the epidermis. But this symptom is not only reserved for allergic diseases, chronic diseases may also occur. Endocrine disorders that lead to that the skin is dry, cracked like. Dry skin often observed in the course of various diseases of the skin (allergies, etc.). This condition arises in the case of m. Al. by increased loss of epidermal water pH changes on the skin surface making it easier to occur receptor stimulation pruritic skin and liberation stimulus pruritic. Itching appearing in the course of chronic diseases, it is often the Second (rarely the primary disorder, in addition to allergies), symptom, as a result of disturbances in the functioning of internal organs, but the whole system. That is why it is so important to perform basic blood tests as biochemistry and morphology to catch the initial phase of the disease and treated effectively or implement proper prevention.

Author(s): Maciej Kucharski

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