Journal of Trauma and Critical  Care

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Commentary - Journal of Trauma and Critical  Care (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Diagnostic diligence in trauma and injury care through forensic pathology

This article denotes the severity of necessity attached to diagnostic diligence concerning forensic pathology/death investigation, and thus it is directly pertinent to diagnostic procedural standards and practices in institutions of emergency care regarding more obscure or rare types of injury. A generic scenario is drawn upon from the author’s academic experiences in order to depict this in an accurate and validly weighted manner. The roads less travelled concerning other than average diagnostic procedure in emergency and/or first responder care in situations delineated such as herein, are claimed by the author to be what could be called a weak point in the nature of quality that can be statistically measured in emergency care by precedent of the rarity of certain types of injuries. This is explored in mild depth through scenario depiction and pathological evaluation. The scenario itself can be considered to be a Question of sorts, the answer can be considered to be a type of diagnosis, and the discussion/conclusion demonstrates the overarching point or claim of this article in its relevant concerns regarding scarcely encountered trauma and/or injury types.

Author(s): Joseph L Lewis III

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