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Editorial - Journal of Diabetology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 1

Diabetes Congress 2019

The "2nd International Conference on Diabetes, Endocrinology, Nutrition and Nursing Management" was organized during June 24-25, 2019 at the Radisson Philadelphia Northeast Hotel, Philadelphia, USA. The conference was marked with the attendance of Editorial Board Members of supported Allied Academies Journals, Scientists, young and brilliant researchers and talented student communities representing more than 10 countries, who made this conference fruitful and productive. This conference was based on the Theme- "Emerging Technologies and Practical Approaches in field of Diabetes and Endocrinology” which included the following scientific tracks: • Diabetes Mellitus • Endocrinology and its Types • Endocrinology Disorders and treatment • Endocrinology and Cardiovascular Disorders • Endocrinology and Thyroid Disorders • Novel Technologies for the Treatment of Diabetes • Pathophysiology: Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism • Diabetes Research and Development • Diabetic Complications • Diabetes Medications • Diabetic Nursing • Diabetes Nutrition • Diabetes Market and Business Analysis Diabetes Congress 2019 was moderated by Lauren Colston (Dominion Hospital, USA). We are grateful to our Organizing Committee Members for their generous support and suggestions for the conference. 1. Gerald C Hsu, EclaireMD Foundation, USA 2. Eduardo J Simoes, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA 3. Ian Martins, Fellow of International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR), , Australia 4. Mario Ciampolini, University of Florence, Italy The conference proceeded through various Scientific Sessions and plenary lectures, of which the following topics were highlighted as: Keynote presentations: Day 1: Title: The opioid craving brain: Utilizing adolescent neuropsychological assessment and psychological-behavioral intervention approaches for improved treatment outcomes, Leonard-Zabel, Curry College, USA Title: GH-Method: Methodology of math-physical medicine using diabetes research as an example, Gerald C Hsu, EclaireMD Foundation, USA. Title: The effect of health information technology (HIT) and standard treatment for Type 2 diabetes patients (T2D) combined and HIT alone on cardiovascular outcomes of T2D patients, Eduardo J Simoes, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA Title: Autonomy and control factors in psychiatric care in Japan, Maree Sugai, Tohoku University of Community Service and Science, Japan Title: Comparison of glucose data and phenomena from two different measurement methods (GH-Method: Math-physical medicine), Gerald C Hsu, EclaireMD Foundation, USA Day 2: Title: Give your pancreas a break and reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes through holistic lifestyle changes, Denise A Pancyrz, Reverse My Diabetes, USA. Title: Paving the way for changing perceptions in breast surgery: Oncological and aesthetic outcomes of oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer, Ioannis G Papanikolaou, University of Athens, Greece. Title: Life coaching and energy work facilitates the healing of women affected by narcissistic relationships, Bindu Babu, I-MD, USA. Report-2020 3rd Annual Conference on Bacterial, Viral and Infectious Diseases April 27-28, 2020 | Istanbul, Turkey Volume 4, Issue 1 Scientific sessions were chaired by Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel, Curry College, USA and Co-chaired by Eduardo J Simoes, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA on Day 1 and Scientific sessions were chaired by Bindu Babu, I-MD, USA, on Day 2. We are very thankful to the Participation by Dr. Durva Balkrishna Sail and Fateneh Bakshi for their Video Presentations at our conference. Allied Academies has taken the grand privilege of felicitating Diabetes Congress 2019 Organizing Committee, Editorial Board Members and Keynote Speakers who supported the success of this event. The esteemed guests, Keynote speakers, well-known researchers, and delegates shared their innovative research and vast experience through their presentations at the podium of Diabetes Congress 2019. We are glad to inform that all accepted abstracts for the conference have been published in the Journal of Diabetology. We are also obliged to various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating active discussion forums. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee, Members for their gracious presence, support, and assistance. With the unique and positive feedback from the conference, Allied Academies would like to announce the commencement of the "3rd International Conference on Diabetes, Endocrinology” which is being organized during March 23-24, 2020 at London, UK.

Author(s): Bander Manawer

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