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Research Article - Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

Development of rehabilitation sports services for people with disabilities: Evaluation of expert views and considerations using the Delphi.

Physical activity is required for health, but resources to prompt physical activity (e.g. facilities, trainers, and programs) are scarce for individuals with disabilities, particularly those who require rehabilitation following discharge and those with severe disabilities. A legal and administrative framework supporting the implementation of health services for people with disabilities is not well established in Korea. Therefore, it is necessary to develop such a framework—one that is optimized by reflecting the opinions and views of all parties involved, including persons with disability, medical and physical education experts, facility managers, and government. This study aimed to establish expert consensus on the development of rehabilitation sports services (RSS) by reviewing previous studies and expert statements. Using the Delphi method, we reviewed the literature to identify the critical roles and factors for planning efficient RSS programs, including ‘coordinators’, ‘physicians’, ‘facility managers’, ‘rehabilitation exercise and physical education trainers’, and ‘integrated information systems for facilities, trainers, and programs’. We developed a Delphi questionnaire with closed-end questions based on the factors derived from the literature and supplementary open-ended questions. The questionnaire was administered to a panel of 26 experts. The panel reached a consensus on most factors (i.e. coordinators, physicians, facility managers, rehabilitation exercise and fitness professionals, and integrated systems for facilities, trainers, and programs). However, no consensus was reached regarding ‘when an applicant can continue/discontinue an RSS program’, ‘establishing information systems to manage physical fitness of people with disabilities’, or ‘joint operation of the to-be-established system by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’, leaving room for further debate. By identifying the factors and roles necessary for RSS, this study is expected to offer valuable information for state-led pilot projects and contribute to promoting physical activity and quality of life among people with disabilities.

Author(s): Jiyoung Park, Seon-Deok Eun*, Dongheon Kang

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