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Short Article - Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Science (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Determination of the Ideal Conditions for Germination, Desiccation Tolerance, and Storage of Gabiroba Seeds

Campomanesiapubescens (DC.) O Berg, commonly known as gabiroba, is a shrub native to Brazil that is distributed throughout the Cerrado region of the above-mentioned country. The species has medicinal properties: anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. It holds significant commercial potential for cultivation. The objective of this work was to evaluate the storage of seeds of this species at different temperatures and humidity levels. Fruits were collected at the beginning of November 2014 from plants in a rural area of the municipality of Jatai. The fruits were processed, and the seeds were extracted in the Laboratorio de Sementes at the Instituto Federal Goiano, Campus Rio Verde. The research was divided into three distinct trials. In the first trial, the ideal temperature for germination was tested for seeds with a natural water content of 44%. Meanwhile, the second tested the desiccation tolerance of the seeds. Finally, the third trial determined their ideal storage conditions. The experimental design that was adopted for each trial was completely randomized in a factorial scheme, with four repetitions for each condition; each experimental plot consisted of 25 seeds. The germination was most effective at 30 Author(s): Juliana de Fatima Sales

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