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Case Report - Current Pediatric Research (2017) Volume 21, Issue 4

Determinants of pneumonia among under two children in southern Ethiopia: A case control study 2016.

Introduction: Pneumonia is world’s leading killer of children in developing countries particularly in sub Saharan Africa and Asia. It accounts for the death of one out of five children despite presence of tremendous prevention mechanisms. Despite the sever effects of pneumonia, there were no studies done on determinants of pneumonia so far in Gamo Gofa Zone. Therefore the aim of this study was to assess determinants of pneumonia among under two children. Methods: Facility based unmatched case control study was used on randomly selected 558 mothers with under two children from 30thJanuary to 20th March 2016. Cases were children with pneumonia, while controls were non-pneumonic children of the same age. A pretested &structured questionnaire was used. Multivariable logistic regression was employed to determine predictors of the outcome variable using SPSS version 20.0 statistical software. P-value<0.05 at 95% confidence interval was considered as significant. Results: A total of 558 mothers with under two children were participated. Ninety seven (17.4%), 245 (43.9%) and 119 (21.3%) of children were underweight, wasted and stunted respectively. Being married, completing secondary school and above, children without young siblings breastfeeding within an hour of delivery, being vaccinated, and exclusive breastfeeding were protective against pneumonia as statistically evidenced by (AOR: 0.053, 95% CI: [0.005, 0.559], (AOR: 0.253, 95% CI: [0.093, 0.688]), (AOR: 0.225, 95%CI: [0.067, 0.760]), (AOR: 0. 311, 95% CI: [0.135, 0.718]), (AOR: 0.317, 95% CI: [0.185, 0.542) and (AOR: 0.635, 95% CI: (0.356, 0.934]) respectively. Conclusion: Being married, completing secondary school and above, children with young siblings, breastfeeding within one hour of delivery, children with history of vaccination and exclusive breastfeeding were protective of pneumonia. Hence, study concludes that many factors were interwoven to affect the occurrence of pneumonia. Therefore, information communication education has to be disseminated to alleviate modifiable factors of pneumonia.

Author(s): Yinager Workineh, Desta Hailu, Teklemariam Gultie

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