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- Biomedical Research (2014) Volume 25, Issue 4

Detection of Diabetic disorders in the lower extremities: A cost effective screening device.

This study describes a non-invasive cost effective screening tool for the diagnosis of lower extremity peripheral diabetic disorders that includes diabetic autonomic neuropathy (DAN), foot ulceration etc. The manifestation of these disorders is usually analyzed by measuring the pressure applied on the electrodes. In this study, we incorporated a new parameter namely the foot resistance. The electrodes pick up the subject’s foot skin resistance and the circuitry is used to display the resistance on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). A foot chart is created using the software Lab VIEW, which displays resistance variations in terms of color changes across the three regions of the foot. This device was evaluated on normal, diabetic and the subjects with diabetic neuropathy and the database thus obtained was analyzed.

Author(s): Pravin kumar S, Subashini R, Ayesha Samreen, Deepthi G, Mythili S.

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