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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 3

Design, application and evaluation of maternal fall risk assessment scale

Purpose: To provide a scientific and objective basis for clinical nurses and evaluate the maternal fall risk by means of design, application and evaluation of maternal fall risk assessment scale.

Method: The maternal fall risk assessment scale was initially established after documentary research, expert meeting and expert enquiry method. The scale was applied to hospitalized puerperae to evaluate the reliability, validity and predictive ability of the scale.

Result: The recovery rates 2 rounds of expert enquiry questionnaire were 93.8% and 96.7%, respectively. The expert’s coefficient of authority was 0.88 and 0.90, respectively and the Kendall’S W for the opinion coordination degrees of experts were 0.24 and 0.45, respectively. The reliability of designed maternal fall risk assessment scale was 0.732 and the discriminant validity was relatively high. The score of positive fall group was significantly higher than that of negative group and the content validity range was 0.126~0.928. When the critical value of the scale was determined as 3, the scale predicts that the maternal fall sensitivity and specificity was 74.7% and 65.8%. The positive and negative predictive value was 50.3% and 74.5%.

Conclusion: The maternal fall risk assessment scale designed in the research is with high scientificity and can provide basis for clinical nurses to evaluate maternal fall risks.

Author(s): Min Xu, Wenliang Tan, Qiwei Li, Shouzhen Cheng

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