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- Biomedical Research (2015) Volume 26, Issue 1

Data mining based on statistical analysis of Chinese Traditional Setting-up exercise on healthy undergraduate students.

Objective: To investigate the effects of Chinese Traditional Setting-up Exercise on blood glucose, heart rate and vital capacity of healthy undergraduates Methods: 200 undergraduate volunteers were selected according to the diagnostic standards and inclusion criteria. They were randomly and evenly allocated into the two groups. The case group practiced the Chinese Traditional Setting- up Exercise and the control group practiced the 8th Broadcast Gymnastic Exercise, 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Three biological indexes were measured half an hour before and after the exercise. From t test (single variable), correlation (two variables) to multi-variables, such as Principal component analysis, Heat map and Random forest, a systematical method was presented to understand the data. Results: There were significant differences before and after the exercise in both two groups. Chinese Traditional Setting-up Exercise performed better than the 8th Broadcast Gymnastic Exercise in reducing BG, balancing HR and enlarging VC. They were interacted with each other to separate control group from case group with an accuracy rate of nearly 80%. The most important one is BG, the less important one is HR and VC is of the least importance. Conclusion: Systematically statistical methods could discover intrinsic rules behind the data. It has been proved that “Chinese Traditional Setting-up Exercise” performed better than “8th Broadcast Gymnastic Exercise” in reducing BG, balancing HR and enlarging VC of undergraduate students, so the “Chinese Traditional Setting-up Exercise” was suitable for popularizing among universities.

Author(s): Tiangang Li, Qingqiong Deng, Yongming Li, Junyue Zhang, Yu Sun and Xiaohong Gu

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