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Commentary - Journal of Pathology and Disease Biology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 2

Cytopathology methods and various applications.

Cytopathology is a branch of pathology that studies and diagnoses diseases at the cellular level. Cytopathology is commonly used for samples of free cells or tissue fragments, as opposed to histopathology, which examines the entire tissue. Cytopathology is often less accurate and is called "cytology", meaning "study of cells". Cytopathology often studies diseases that affect a wide range of body parts, not only to assist in the diagnosis of cancer, but also to assist in the diagnosis of some infectious diseases and other inflammatory conditions. Commonly used for. For example, a common use for cytopathology is Papanicolaou stain, a screening tool used to detect precancerous cervical lesions that can lead to cervical cancer. Cytopathological tests are sometimes called cotton swab tests because the specimen can be smeared on a glass microscope slide for staining or microscopic examination. However, cytological samples can be prepared by other methods, including cell centrifugation. Cancer can also be diagnosed using different types of swab tests. In this sense, it is called a cytological smear.

Author(s): Elisabetta Mantuano.

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