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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 12

Cyber bullying and academic achievement among adolescent students in Aswan city schools

Background: Cyber bullying has been recognized as a significant problem between adolescents that describes bullying via the internet and mobile phones. Study Aim: To assess the relationship between cyber bullying and academic achievement among adolescent students in Aswan city schools. Study Design: A cross- sectional research design was used. Setting: This study carried out at preparatory and secondary schools in Aswan city. Study Subject: A purposive sample of all students attended the selected schools (880 students) in the period from the beginning of October, 2019 to the beginning of December, 2020. Data Collection Tools: Three tools were used; Tool I: A structured interview questionnaire sheet composed of two parts, socio-demographic data of students and students’ knowledge about cyber bullying. Tool II: Cyber bullying scale included five subscales as a following: mockery and denigration, the exclusion, inconvenience and violation of privacy, insulted and threatened and sexual harassment. Tool III: Students school achievement included student's grade sheet in the previous year. Results: More than one quarter (27.4%) of studied students exposed to cyber bullying and the most common type of cyber bullying among them was mockery and denigration (27.2%) followed by inconvenience and violation of privacy, insulted and threatened, exclusion and finally sexual harassment (25.8%, 24.1%, 24%, 19.1 %) respectively. Conclusion: Nearly all of the studied students in the aforementioned settings were exposed to cyber bullying with its different types, which in turn affected their academic achievement which proofed by the presence of a statistically significant relationship between cyber bullying and academic achievement. Recommendations: School based educational programs should be conducted to improve adolescent's knowledge about cyber bullying and consequently help in cyber bullying prevention. Additionally, conducting further research to identify actual causes, psychological and social consequences of cyber bullying.

Author(s): Samar Ahmed Mahmoud, Doaa Bahig Anwr Akl, Basma Abdelhamed Deyab

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