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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2022) Volume 26, Issue 7

Current view on molecular pathways of kidney damage in diabetic nephropathy

Due to the imperfection of early detection of diabetic nephropathy in children, there is a need to create panels of potential biomarkers of glomerular and tubular dysfunction or interstitial kidney damage. The lesion of the tubulo-interstitial department precedes the lesion of the glomerular aparniate of the kidneys, so the relevant markers require more detailed study and analysis. The latter can be detected before the onset of micro albuminuria, allow monitoring of the disease, show a close relationship with the progression of diabetic nephropathy, decreased glomerular filtration rate. The search for early markers of kidney damage in type I diabetes is important and undeniably promising in terms of early clinical diagnosis of this severe progressive complication.

Author(s): Mityuryayeva IO, Kovalchuk IV, Burlaka Ie A*

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