Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures

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Commentary - Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

Current state of robotics surgery and minimally invasive colorectal surgery.

Negligibly intrusive medical procedure is gradually taking over as the favored usable methodology for colorectal sicknesses. Be that as it may, a large number of the techniques remain actually troublesome. This article will give an outline of the condition of insignificantly intrusive medical procedure and the many advances that have been made throughout the most recent twenty years. Negligibly obtrusive medical procedure has been adjusted to a wide assortment of colorectal systems. The first laparoscopic right colectomy was distributed by Jacobs in 1991 soon after which Fowler played out the first laparoscopic left colectomy. Since these underlying reports, a few enormous examinations tracked down that the oncologic results of laparoscopic colectomy were comparable to open a medical procedure and that patients going through laparoscopic colectomy would in general have further developed momentary results, for example, diminished blood misfortune, more limited length of stay, quicker return of inside work, less twisted difficulties, and worked on postoperative pain. Despite the developing collection of proof supporting the utilization of laparoscopic colectomy for colon disease, the reception of the method was moderately delayed with the use of laparoscopic colectomy just coming to 41.6% in 2010.

Author(s): Frances Ferraro*

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