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Case Report - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 19

Curative effects of under-arthroscopic anchor implantation fixation to martial arts player's shoulder joint injury

We chose 60 patients with shoulder joint injury that have received arthroscopic anchor implantation fixation treatment in Southwest Hospital from January 2012 to October 2015 and divided them into a control group and an observation group equally, using computer single-blind randomized method. Patients with shoulder joint injury in the control group have received conservative treatment, while patients with shoulder joint injury in the observation group have received arthroscopic anchor fixation treatment. The treatment effects, shoulder function score, scope of activities of shoulder joint, life quality score, pain score, and dislocation recurrence rate of shoulder joint for patients from different groups were compared. We found that after 7-15 months of follow-up observation following the treatment, the excellence rate of the observation group was 100%, while that of the control group was 80%, P<0.05. After the treatment, scope of activities of the shoulder joint, life quality score, and their pain score were significantly lower; shoulder joint function score, scope of activities of shoulder joint, and life quality score of those in the control group were significantly higher, and their pain score were significantly lower. During the time of follow-up after treatment, no recurrent dislocation of shoulder joint occurred within the observation group, which means a 0% recurrence rate, while there were 4 cases of recurrent dislocation of the shoulder joint in the control group, which means the recurrence rate in the control group is 13.33%. To conclude, the shoulder joint arthroscopic anchor fixation treatment on martial arts player for shoulder joint injury is effective in that it helps with shoulder joint functional recovery reduces the pain in the shoulder and improves patients’ life quality. What is more, recurrence is also reduced after the treatment, which helps to improve the prognosis.

Author(s): Zonghao Zhang, Ping Wang, Chunlin Yue, Guozhi Wang

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