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Case Report - Ophthalmology Case Reports (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

Crouzon Syndrome: Variability in clinical severity at a presentation a clinico-radiological evaluation.

Background/Aims: Crouzon syndrome (CS) was first described in 1912 by a French neurologist
Octave Crouzon (1874-1938), as a hereditary syndrome of craniofacial dysostosis, which included a
triad of skull deformities, facial anomalies, and proptosis. Here, the authors present 5 cases of CS of
different clinical severity at the time of presentation. Case Report: The demographic, ophthalmic,
radiological, and systemic findings of 5 patients with CS with variable clinical severity at presentation
will be discussed in detail. Conclusion: CS can present with different clinical manifestations involving
the skull, orbits, and eyes. The clinical and radiological findings of this syndrome vary in severity from
a mild presentation with subtle manifestations, to a severe form with marked midface, brain, orbital,
eye, cardiac, and respiratory complications. Management of patients with CS requires a
multidisciplinary approach, by a team of craniofacial experts. Early surgical intervention is highly
recommended in many patients with CS.
Author(s): Ahmad Mostafa Abdallah

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