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Conference Proceedings - Journal of Fisheries Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Criminal teams threaten Hoenn Region with extreme shifts in precipitation and sea level caused by Monstrasinu

 Criminal teams pose a grave threat to stability worldwide, but their danger is especially great in the Hoenn Region of southern Japan. Two rival criminal teams, Aqua and Magma, have been locked in an internecine conflict for several months over humanity’s relationship with the seas. Team Aqua violently supports climate change and rising sea levels, as they will provide more habitat for marine life, while Team Magma forcibly supports increasing overall landmass to provide more space for human use. While both groups employ traditional criminal methods in pursuit of their goals, including intimidation and theft of supplies and Monstrasinu, they also engage in esoteric quests to awaken legendary Monstrasinu said to have powers over land and sea. It is unclear if these quests will succeed, although recent developments off the shore of the main Hoenn island suggest that they may have made progress that will significantly change the climate of much of the region, especially the southern half.

Author(s): Anthony Laurel

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