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Short Communication - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Craniosynostosis- surgical outcomes, follow up and results

Craniosynostosis defined as the premature fusion of cranial sutures. It can affect one or multiple sutures; if it affects one suture then it?s most common on sagittal suture. The incidence is about one in 2500 births and present many challenges in treatment. The surgical procedure depended to the patients? cranial premature fusion. In Afghanistan, these children remained untreated so they got the complications of this problem such as Brain atrophy. A prospective outcome assessment of all children pre-operative and postoperative treated with Suturectomy and remodeling procedure for Craniosynostosis performed. In this study syndromic children excluded and all were non-syndromic cases. All patients treated by Calvarial vault remodeling not by strip Craniectomy. According to research, strip Craniectomy has chance of resynostosis so we went by Calvarial vault remodeling. The head circumference measured and recorded in table for evaluation of results.The aim of this study was to do a complete care and treatment for Craniosynostosis from synostosis and shape of the skull and follow the outcome of the problem in these children. During 2018, eight patients have operated in French medical Institute for Mothers and Children (FMIC). The surgical age range from two months to 10 months and the hospital stay was less than four days. There was no mortality and post-operative complication. The main operation time was less than one hour. During two months follow-up, normalization of cranial shape and size observed. Treatment of craniosynostosis is extremely effective and safe, which let the brain to have normal growth. Since surgery is safe so we recommend this procedure for all cases with or without sign and symptoms. Syndromic cases should observe and treated carefully. We had no any complications such as resynostosis, hemorrhage or postoperative infection. According to our knowledge there is no any pediatric and plastic center to treat these cases except FMIC or to research about this case and we should do more study about this and other cases in pediatric population.

Author(s): Mohammad Tareq Rahimi

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