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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 24, Issue 6

COVID-19 Pandemic: Psychological effects of quarantine on adults and children.

In recent months, the majority of nations (at first China) are facing a dangerous threat that has forced governments to adopt and implement drastic restrictive measures such as quarantine. This threat is called "COVID-19 Emergency" (Corona Virus Disease-19). The quarantine condition imposed due to the extensive spread of coronavirus has, in the medium and long term, inevitable repercussions on many psychopathological states characterized by anxiety-depressive symptoms. For children, however, the impact of the traumatic context has different importance and outcomes, depending on their cognitive capacity and emotional competence. When children are experiencing a quarantine period in a state of world emergency such as the current one, his or her ability to manage the cognitive capacity and emotional competence adaptively and functionally has an essential significance. They may also perceive the experience as traumatic or not, through Reflective Function and Affect Mirroring with parents. Family experiences, care, and parenting are formative and preparatory to cope with the many events that life presents. It, therefore, becomes essential to establish in the family a climate of support and containment that facilitates the restructuring of the phenomenon and exorcises the stress arising from the event itself and contributes to the development of agency and resilience skills.

Author(s): Frolli A, Ricci MC, Orefice A, Dâ??allocco G, Valenzano L, De Falco L, Oduro S, Cavallaro A

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