Journal of Primary Care and General Practice

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Mini Review - Journal of Primary Care and General Practice (2022) Volume 5, Issue 1

COVID booster drive in high blood pressurized diabetic patients.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) widespread too has expanded such intrigued and is activating more potential applications of dry powder inward breath treatment in antibodies and antivirus drugs. Would the breathed in dry powder treatment on systemic disarranges be as empowering as anticipated? This paper audits the promoted and in-development dry powder inhaler (DPI) items on the treatment of systemic illnesses, their status in clinical trials, as well as the potential for COVID-19 treatment. The headways and neglected issues on DPI frameworks are moreover summarized. With endless endeavors behind and more challenges ahead, it is accepted that the dry powder breathed in treatment for the treatment of systemic disarranges still holds incredible potential and guarantee.

Author(s): Heer Castoldi

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