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Research Paper - Annals of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (2018) Volume 1, Issue 3

Covered stent graft for distal stent graft-induced new entry after frozen elephant trunk operation for aortic dissection

Background: The aim of the study was to present our experience with covered stent graft to close the tear induced by distal stent after Frozen Elephant Trunk operation (FET).

Methods: From November 2012 to July 2015, 21 patients suffering from distal Stent Graft New Entry (d-SINE) after FET accepted interventional treatment with a covered stent graft. Computer Tomographic Angiography (CTA) was performed at 3, 6 and 12 months after surgery to observe the position and shape of the stent and the eventual endoleaks.

Results: All patients were implanted with a covered stent graft. After surgery, angiography showed that the stents were in the proper position and fully expanded. Two patients died after surgery. Followup was 24-55 (mean, 40 ± 10) months. No stroke, paraplegia, or death occurred. CTA showed that the stents had a proper form and were in the correct position without any displacement or endoleak. False lumen expansion did not occur. Parts of the false lumen showed thrombosis.

Conclusion: The results suggest that implantation of covered stents in the descending aorta to manage d-SINE after FET may achieve a good therapeutic effect.

Author(s): Ren Wang*, Guoxing Weng, Lianjun Huang, Zhiqun Chen, Xiaoyong Huang, Yuguo Xue

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