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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 14

Correlation between 25-hydroxy-Vitamin-D and senile diabetic peripheral neuropathy in type 2 diabetes

Objective: This study aims to explore correlation between 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin-D and senile diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) in type 2 diabetes.

Methods: From January, 2015 to January, 2017, 80 patients with DPN in type 2 diabetes (DPN group) and 80 patients with non-DPN in type 2 diabetes (NDPN group) were collected in Baoding First Central Hospital as the study objects. Glycosylated hemoglobin, blood pressure, plasma lipids, general clinical data and 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin-D level of the patients were tested and serum 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin-D deficiency status was statistically analyzed.

Results: 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin-D level of DNP group was significantly lower than that of NDNP group while the incidence of 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin-D deficiency of DNP group was obviously higher than that of NDNP group. A negative correlation between 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin-D level and disease course, HbA1c, LDL-C as well as TC was found (P<0.05). With the single factor, logistic regression of the patients, disease course and HbA1c had positive correlation with DPN while 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin-D level had negative correlation with DPN.

Conclusion: 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin-D is negatively correlated with DPN.

Author(s): Lanlan Yang, Xu Zhang, Xiaoli Ma, Fanghong Dong, Rui Tian, Man Xu

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