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Short Communication - Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Coronary Artery Bypass surgery or Interventional cardiology? Why not both? Letâ??s go for hybrid coronary revascularization

The options for coronary artery disease have greatly expanded during the course of the last 2 1/2 decades with the advent of hybrid
technology in the 1990s. Which implies using both interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery to offer the patients the best
available treatments for CAD while minimizing the risks of the surgery, example can be a patient with a partial blockage in one
coronary artery and a complete blockage in another. In this case, a combination revascularization approach might work best to
restore blood flow to the heart muscle. . Another beneficial approach can be a fixing associated heart rhythm abnormality involving
catheter ablation or implantation of devices for brady-arrhythmias, Hybrid Cardiac Surgery a collaborative approach reduces risk
of complication, shorten recovery times and improve outcomes This fragmented approach to care is starting to change to a muchneeded
innovation in hospital design by set up including all the equipment needed for diagnostic imaging, minimally invasive
procedures, and traditional surgery, the key requirement is productive collaboration of heart team comprising heart surgeons,
cardiologists, electrophysiologists, by working together in the same space, at the same time . Although indications and patient

selection of these procedures are still to be defined but high-risk patients have already been shown to benefit from hybrid approaches 

Author(s): Khalida Soomro

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